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Transformation Strategy / Matrix Management


Situation: A Legal Department COO was committed to a 5 year strategic digital transformation plan for a large in-house legal department at an international investment bank.

Problem: Key stakeholders in impacted (non-legal) departments were prioritising their own interests in a multi-stakeholder environment. The competing agendas created friction and delay, stress and inefficiency.

What we did: Liaised between all departments and project managed the situation by adopting a 'one-mind approach' to build consensus. Fluidity and unknowns were solidified and made known. Information was grounded in data dictionaries, metrics and KPIs. Clarity was achieved using 'RACI' tables, and global process definition. Crucially data structures were applied to legal templates, policies and precedents.

Results: We overcame the inherent friction between silos and stakeholders and generated efficient and effective cross-team playbooks, common processes and understanding. We established forums for arbitration and resolution of blocking issues to create repeatable reliable results. The legal risks were reduced, the speed of negotiations was increased and the capital at risk was managed more effectively.

Top Tip: Time spent in planning and preparation is seldom wasted. Read more about our Transformation services here.

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