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Value Creation 


Why Value Creation?

Value creation is driven by ideas and imagination. There is nothing to say that the practice of law should be like it is or that the current approaches to delivering legal services are the correct ones.

Unlocking Value

Trying to improve the ‘efficiency’ of your operation. while it has its place, yields diminishing returns. It is not the same as value creation. In value creation you break the mould and introduce completely new thinking. You leverage the power of your organisation in new ways. Putting resource into ‘efficiency’ only – and not investing in new ideas - is tantamount to investing in your obsolescence.

What approach should you take to Value Creation?

​Radical, but systematic. Imaginative, but disciplined. Collaborative, but not hierarchical.

Let Off Road Legal guide your Value Creation strategy

Value creation, while based in the creative process, is eminently learnable. It can also be leveraged across an entire organisation. You will improve your outcomes, change your ability to find new business opportunities and create a better work environment at the same time.

Off Road Legal works with cutting edge thinkers and practitioners in the change and new ideas world. We have turned this expertise into practical guidance using our Value Creation Framework.

First Steps to accelerating your Value Creation strategy

​Do some reading. We recommend: The Art of the Possible or Opportunity Spotting.

Next Steps

Contact us to book your Value Creation discovery call.

You can see examples of our Value Creation capabilities in our Case Studies here

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