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Matter Management / Workflow


An in-house investment banking documentation team had to radically increase production, transforming by both volume and complexity, owing to business drivers and regulatory reforms.

Problem: A small legal negotiation team was required to grow by 600% and increase volumes by 300%. As-is working model was a traditional MS Word and email platform.

What we did: Using an incremental build approach we scaled up from a local system to a global tool. We examined and rationalised the process; aligned multiple stakeholders; designed & built an online matter management platform; created training and built skills within the legal team and generated relevant template management and document controls; analysed and defined referential data.

Results: Clarity achieved for 800 users on a common system of control and approval. The Legal team was empowered to meet new performance requirements.

Top Tip: If you wanted our advice on what one thing to get right - it would be matter management. If you don't know what you do and how you do it - that is the definition of 'lost'. We have extensive experience in matter management.

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