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Digital Transformation / Cost Saving


The captive offshore team of the global Legal documentation team was manually inputting post-execution contractual data into a downstream database.

Problem: Poor accuracy of information flowing directly into a downstream database. The manual review process was consuming an hour per document and this was considered too long. The challenge was to digitally transform using machine reading capabilities and workflows to create a fully digital process. The project solution was to design, build and deploy 'machine reading' capability into this specific contractual legal domain.

What we did: To deliver the digital transformation we setup and managed a Project (which was included as assessment material CMI Diploma Level 5 leading to Chartered Manager qualification). Full project management over a multi-month delivery period. Project rationale, scoping, PASS analysis (Problem Analysis Solution Success) planning, risk assessment and benefits review. Stakeholder management, goals and objective setting. Milestone management & Gantt chart review. Risk and dependency management ongoing, Tornado sensitivity analysis in diagrammatic form to visually compare project risks, template variance reporting. Project close and review of technical, organisational and transversal barriers.

Results: This project created one of the first successful use cases proving cost savings through digital transformation and the use of  captive offshore personnel of the global Legal Team, reducing time spent reviewing contracts, and increasing accuracy of referential data led to return on investment within 2 years.

Top Tip: You will be spoilt for choice in computer assisted technology. We do not advise you make a decision alone. Read more about our approach to Technology here.

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