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Small Firm Focus


Small firms, according to the Solicitors Regulation Authority are those with up to 4 Partners and turnover <400k. They generate 48% of legal service turnover in the UK.

Such small firms can find themselves in a difficult position because success depends on being busy. Partners may wanting to innovate but lack the time and resource that larger firms can deploy. However the right strategic combination of mindset and technology can radically close any size gap.


Indeed, we think small size can actually prove hugely beneficial for creating successful long-term change and competitive advantage.

Problem: Successful small law firm organisations are usually extremely busy and focussed. They lack the time, resource, skills and knowledge to monitor and select legal technology to assist their innovation.  It is hard to know how to benchmark and even harder to select technology. There is almost too much choice and certainly a lot of white noise to filter out when creating a strategy for improvement. 

What we did: Off Road Legal has reviewed the impact of transformation in the whole UK legal market and pondered the effect on small firms. We opened our minds to the particular challenges faced by small firms and started conversations to confirm our viewpoints. We have taken a holistic approach, and developed a six 'P' framework, aligned with recent academic findings.

Results:  Off Road Legal can offer strategic planning for scaled change in the small law firm. This includes considering issues of access to justice & the disruption of change. Off Road Legal can quickly add value by communicating effectively the current paradigm transition as we understand it.

Small firms can quickly learn about their competitive environment, the drivers of change, the opportunities of legal technology and the future of law. These are critical drivers to profitable longevity. We can offer a benchmark assessment for a small firm to understand its current situation and start planning strategically for succesful governance of change and transformation.

Top Tip: It is hard to service a car that is always in use. But it is easier to service one taxi than an entire fleet. Every small firm is always busy, but can make the most of the advantages of being small.

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