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Why Technology?

Technology - the tools and techniques which can assist us in our work. Not just computer technology, but any machine or process which can make us more productive.

We have reached the point where it is difficult to imagine a world without computer technology. The rate of progress is accelerating and we are on the threshold of dramatic change.

Technology and its adoption is a necessity.

Unlocking Value

The success of organisations may very well rest in the ability to make smart decisions about technology. But there is a plethora of options (we recently noted 918 'CLM' products). How do organisations avoid the swamp of options and avoid confusion caused by this 'paradox of choice'?

But choice of 'tools' is one thing. Technology, paradoxically, and its adoption is limited by human factors. Organisations and their people can only grow and adjust gradually compared to the speed of advance of technology. To unlock real value in Transformation, it is critical to keep technological and organisational advance in harmony.

What approach should you take to Technology?

The approach is simple: take your time, evaluate well, make technology a 'whole organisation' Transformation exercise and maintain balance between 'tech' and people.

Also: don't think of technology as something to help improve what you do. Use the possibilities of technology to help change your thinking to: 'how can we do this differently?".

Let Off Road Legal guide your Technology strategy

From Automation to Contract Lifecycle Management. From Data to AI. We can assist in strategic reviews, selection, planning and implementation of your technology and digital strategy.

First Steps to accelerating your Technology strategy

Step back and survey the landscape. Do not rush to further technologisation. Make an assessment of your readiness and capability to adopt and take the most efficient route to get technology working for you.

Next Steps

Contact us to arrange your first discussion about next steps in your technology journey. 

You can read our Digital Transformation case study here and our Legal Data case study here.

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