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Agile Build: Legal Workflow


Advances in knowledge and skillsets allow more and more organisations to take control of business growth through technologisation.

Problem: A managed service business provided its data protection related services by working remotely on its customer's own software platforms. However, not all potential customers had made the necessary investment in such software, yet wanted to outsource their data access requests. The question was how to solve this investment problem and produce a cost effective solution while avoiding the obvious pitfall of manual processing? 

What we did: We helped design and build a technology platform through which the client could help them launch and refine a proof of concept and offer a digital solution which avoided high investment cost for the clients.  We helped detail the specification and workflow, refine the business idea and engage a developer on a no cost basis to build a working proof of concept. By working with the client in this 'sandbox' we developed the final MVP to present to potential clients in a trial phase.

Results: The managed service business was able to build confidence in a working model on a no-cost, no-risk basis, then work to a final MVP to present to clients on a fixed cost basis. 

Top Tip: It is now possible to create bespoke technology prototypes at no or very low cost and get a full hands-on experience of the function and useability of a new tool. It is the ultimate 'try-it-before-you-buy' approach for any technology or digital business concept, allowing you to get the result you want while avoiding the pain and pitfalls of investing in an established tool and taking the risk of whether it will meet expectations 'in the live'. 

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